King Tut

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925 sterling silver and brass plated in gold & platinum. Set with a zircon baguette stone

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Our Products are all made in sterling silver or brass, all plated in either yellow gold or platinum. Exposure to certain chemicals or environments can result in compromising your pieces. This includes, but does not limit the following: perspiration, perfume, cleaning agents, chlorine, saltwater, creams, chemicals and silver polish.

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  1. After showering, using lotion, or any other body product, wait until your product is completely dry before putting on your gold-plated accessories. Some products can have a negative reaction with plating and can cause changes in color or texture.
  2. Always apply perfume before putting on your jewelry. Perfume chemicals can react with the metal and cause a change in the appearance, so you don’t want to spray it directly on your pieces!
  3. Don’t sleep, shower or do the dishes in your gold-plated jewelry.
  4. When traveling or not wearing your accessories, make sure to store them in a jewelry case or wrapped up in a soft cloth to prevent scratching. Keep your HUWA pieces stored in their pouches.
  5. Don’t Swim in your plated pieces
Please keep in mind that we make accessories not fine jewelry. Plated metals will all eventually lose their plating color but taking care of them will make them last longer. Losing their color, corroding or tarnishing doesn’t make it bad quality it’s a normal natural process and very easy to solve by replating the piece which you can do with us or any other jeweler near you. (Please contact our customer service department on for more information regarding the replating services we offer)