Huwa founded early 2017 by Hisham Wali, is an emerging contemporary fine accessories brand headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. The idea came about when Wali wanted to create unique pieces to style a man’s everyday corporate and casual attire with elegant and timeless pieces of self-expression.

Every piece is hand crafted by Egyptian artisans using masterful techniques, featuring signature men’s accessories from lapel pins to cufflinks and tie-clips, designed to accentuate a man’s sophisticated and individual sense of style.

Products are a mix of precious and semi-precious materials; the symbolic pieces are made of sterling silver and brass with a platinum or gold finish embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. The brand also offers a bespoke service to its clients where it can recreate its existing pieces in solid gold.

Hisham Wali is an Egyptian, born in Kuwait/raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in London, England. His cosmopolitan upbringing is a key source of inspiration for his work and collections are crafted to suit men all over the world.

Wali’s passion first manifested when he used to experiment with lapel pin designs for himself as he gathered gemstones during his travels around the globe. This later translated into a vision that developed into the brand that Huwa is today.